Explore, Experiment, Evolve at Mahindra AFS

Mahindra AFS Tauseef Alam

You are invariably changing through innovations and challenges. Such has been the learning curve for me at Mahindra.

Beginning as a GET, I have risen to every challenge, and Mahindra has fueled my aspirations to be an ‘Innovator’ over each challenging phase.

Reciprocating Growth

Entering a new work environment was overwhelming. Functioning on a workshop floor straight out from a campus turf was gruelling, but my willingness to learn coupled with my team’s support eased the process. All challenges led me to uphold a key learning: Hard work can simplify the most difficult of tasks.

Mahindra AFS Tauseef AlamCountering Obstacles

A plausible language barrier prevented me from communicating effectively with my associates. As time progressed, I was able to connect with my team and build relations. I learned that people are willing to compromise when they share strong relationships.

The team worked on challenging situations which enabled group harmony. Changes and challenges that come our way can be overcome with ease when the benefits they bring in are conveyed to the team. Mahindra does an effective job in communicating these benefits. Rising above personal pressures is where I have accessed a broader understanding towards team productivity.

Mahindra AFS Tauseef AlamAspirational Atmosphere

While motivation helps strike challenges, I believe it should be a constant endeavour and not a one-off affair. I make an effort to appreciate my team when they throw new ideas on the table. Recognition motivates and encourages people to go the extra mile. Collectively, we have defied traditional work cultures to explore sustainable innovations and discovered agile methods to improve the time-cost efficiency of tasks.

Mahindra’s Assistive Policies

When it comes to realising employee dreams, Mahindra leads the herd. Mahindra’s Higher Education Policy assists you in educating yourself alongside work. Higher education is essential as it helps you stand up to external challenges. It’s befitting when you are spreading knowledge while inculcating it within yourself.

It has been a cathartic working experience at Mahindra. The open culture is what inspires most of us to reinvent ourselves.

What inspires you?

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