Working at Mahindra Sagar Polisetti

Meeting Success with a Tinge of Failure

Working at Mahindra I have enjoyed the freedom to explore, learn and grow at Mahindra. And most importantly, the feeling of overturning the conventional meaning of success with a tinge of failure on the way.

My first Mahindra experience was long before I joined Mahindra. I was on a road trip to Leh in a Mahindra Scorpio; the beast rode right up to the slippery slope of the Manali-Leh highway while others looked over stationary in their cars. Another instance was when I attended a photography expedition where I saw a picture of the Mahindra Tractor worshipped alongside a deity’s frame. I instantly felt a connect with the brand, and wanted to experience it up-close.

A New Beginning at Mahindra

A campus recruit into the company in 2012, I was a fresh graduate brimming with ideas. I was never asked to slow down or reconsider my ambitious ideas. My manager always motivated me to experiment without holding me back. Even if he thought I would fail, my attempts wouldn’t be dismissed under the ruse of failure. That helped me learn a great deal.

After the initial training, I was moved to the Fatigue Test Lab where I currently work as a Deputy Manager. Customer satisfaction sits at the core of my profile. We make sure that a car travels from point A to point B without facing the slightest snag in the delivery process. We ensure that our customers don’t frown upon their car’s performance. I was excited to be a part of the lab, and after four years of work, I am still in awe as when on my first day.

Working at Mahindra Sagar Polisetti

A Gradual Transition

Mahindra has not only made my work easy but also made my transition to Chennai effortless. Moving to Chennai was not as comfortable as I had expected. But it was only when I stepped foot in MRV did I feel at home. The intercultural environment helped me be at ease. From accommodation to food, the company aided my settling in phase till the last minute.

Essential Learning

I cherish my freedom at work. Mahindra has always given me opportunities to flex my wings. My most meaningful learning at Mahindra is to never stop learning.

How does your job enable personal success?

Mahindra AFS employee

Excelling Where Few Mark Benchmarks

Rasika Khadse's journey“Rasika, one of our young talented engineers who designed a robotic hand in the Innoworks sandpit.” – Anand Mahindra

These words have resonated with each of my contributions aiming to be first time right. Mahindra has moulded us to be accomplished professionals of varying purposes in our everyday routine.

The Seven Year Journey at Mahindra

My journey with the automotive industry has had irony striking me every step of the way. The general mindset of people in the automotive fraternity envisions it to be a male-dominant industry. However, Mahindra defied that generalisation. I set foot in a healthy environment, where my experiences were welcome by colleagues and seniors for excelling in multiple projects. Certainly, it wasn’t a cake walk, but my excitement towards exploring different areas became the driving factor.

Rasika Khade's Mahindra Experience

Why is Mahindra the Best Place to Start your Career?

Mahindra has reigned over the automotive industry since years. It is quite a challenge to work on numerous projects in this organisation. In fact, these challenges strengthen me to go beyond my targets. Moreover, as a female employee, I am inspired by the authentic culture that exists in Mahindra. It is comfortable to approach our team members or seniors regarding new concepts or ideas.

The Life Changing Moment

In 2013, I had designed and developed a robotic hand for door slam test at MRV System Evaluation lab. This palm was innovated for a door slam test that checks door performance.  In 2014, this creation was placed for a demo in the MT lab. It was then that Anand Mahindra who had come to inaugurate the ceremony visited me personally. I was called the ‘young talented engineer.’ Moreover, Mr Mahindra pictured this auspicious moment in my life and tweeted it in words that surely will keep me motivated throughout my life. My work was thoroughly appreciated; indeed my hard work had finally paid off.

Rasika Khadse's journey

The Biggest Strength of Mahindra – CRUSADE

Crusade embodies three pillars – First time right every time right (FTR), Delighted Customer Experiences (DCE) and Employee Value Proposition. A happy customer experience comes about through simplicity, standardisation and digitisation. Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is an excellent activity started in our organisation. I have to say that Mahindra has a great work environment and culture that aids us to grow both professionally and personally. Working in Mahindra is a battle of zero defects with the technology. I believe that crusade is something that makes Mahindra what it is today. It is all about continuous improvement of products through innovative thinking and benchmarking.

Employee Centric Policies

Furthermore, Mahindra gives a six-month maternity leave which is beyond what one can ask for from his company. It also grants us travelling facilities. The Learning Management System (LMS) is an eternal boon to us. It is a bundle of in-house knowledge. Our HR organises training programs through E-learning – an exceptional access to various modules.

Mahindra, In a Nutshell

Mahindra is an unparalleled platform to fulfil your professional conquest.  It has not only shaped me professionally but also taken utmost care of the work-life balance. Today, my husband and I are working in the same organisation, and we haven’t felt the slightest incidence of stress or work pressure looming over our family life.

I have gained a lot in Mahindra, and it’s time I add to the organisation’s success for many more years to come. I am extremely grateful for the support that I have received at Mahindra.

Are you grateful for your work?

Satellite offices

Working Closer to Home

Working at Mahindra

Revamping workspaces is more opportune now than ever. Burgeoning congestion, dilapidated transport infrastructures, public space constraints—all make up for a gruelling, long travel to work for office-goers.

What, in large measure, could comfortably bring down commute time?

Our Chief People Officer, Mr. Rajeshwar Tripathi potentially drew up a response with the Satellite Office Policy for Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd.

In response to prolonged work commutes leading to productivity falls, Mr.Tripathi outlines his attempt to get into the model of creating Satellite Offices in such areas of Mumbai where a significant concentration of employee population is found, on an experimental basis.

He opened up on his vision, “We believe that besides taking care of people’s inconveniences, we would also be enabling them to be more productive.”

The policy extends to the officers whose roles can be productively executed outside the headquarters.

Rajeshwar Tripathi Satellite Office

A pre-ascertained fixed number of seats will be made available at the Satellite Offices on a first-cum-first-serve basis.

Mr. Tripathi further adds, “With this new policy, we expect people to save about 3 hours of travel time daily, which will in turn help improve their productivity and quality of life. To start off the experiment, we’re introducing a Satellite Office at one location. Based on the adoption of this unique policy, more Satellite Offices can be planned at other locations, as per the need. The organization expects people to make the best use of this opportunity and help us in meeting objectives without losing out on work outcomes.”

From the looks of it, Satellite Offices are set to create a constellation of efficiencies considerably improving work-life balance for employees.

Are you already excited to match signals with a Satellite Office? Tell us what you think about it below!



Driverless tractors

Redefining Farm Technology with Driverless Tractors

Driverless tractors MahindraIn a world that can’t stop raving about autonomous cars, Mahindra has notched up another degree by introducing driverless tractors.

As per a Goldman Sach’s report, the automation in farm technology, including autonomous farm vehicles, could increase farm yields a near 70 percent by 2050. With driverless tractors, Mahindra is set to make a notable contribution to the global yield increase.

The intelligent tractors are primed to address increasing demands, unsatisfying productivity, and labour shortage. The tractors will bring maximum benefits to small farmers and save costs on spraying, planting and harvesting.

AutonomousTractors promise power-packed features:

  • Auto steer feature enables the tractor to navigate in a straight line
  • Auto-headland turn allows the tractor’s navigation along adjacent rows without any interruption
  • Auto implement lift allows the tractor to lift the work tool from the ground
  • Skip passing lets the tractor move towards the next row without driver intervention

Besides operational efficiency, driverless tractors enable tractor safety with a Geofence lock, control via tablet user interface, and obstacle avoidance.

Driverless TractorsThe autonomous technology was developed in Chennai at the Mahindra Research Valley. The tractors will be commercially launched in three phases by next year. Initially, Mahindra will introduce automation-assisted tractors followed by quasi-driverless tractors. And finally, the driverless tractors will be unveiled. The tractors will be launched in the 20 HP to 100 HP segment.

This technology is slated to commence in Maharashtra, India. Moreover, it is planned to position this concept on global platforms across USA and Japan.

Overall, the technology is upgraded to invite farmers to access digitally advanced farming poised to achieve a promising outcome.

Dr. Pawan Goenka, Managing Director, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. (M&M) said, “Our tractor R&D has always been at the forefront of pioneering cutting-edge solutions. Today’s display of the driverless tractor is another proud moment for us, as it opens up new possibilities in farming. We are happy to dedicate this innovative mechanization for the global farming community in line with our Farming 3.0 proposition”.

Farming 3.0 is a promise to deliver farm tech prosperity with increased professionalism, regard for the environment, and increase in the quality of farm yields.

How do you see global farming changing with this autonomous technology?

Mahindra and Ford partnership

Mahindra and Ford collaborate to drive global automotive growth

Mahindra & Ford partnership

The global auto industry is experiencing an unprecedented transformation. Extensive digitisation.

To be a step ahead in the game, Mahindra and Mahindra joined forces with the Ford Motor Company. Ford and Mahindra made a rewarding alliance where Ford’s global presence would enhance Mahindra’s international reach while the in-house company’s network would help the American manufacturer gain firm ground in India.

Mahindra and Ford collaborationMutual strengths of both companies will be pooled to focus on:

  • Mobility programs
  • Connected vehicle projects
  • Electric mobility
  • Product development

Both the companies sealed the deal for a three-year partnership.

Leaders of the auto giants present at the collaboration event shared their thoughts on the promising venture. “Ford is committed to India and this alliance can help us deliver the best vehicles and services to customers while profitably growing in the world’s fifth largest vehicle market. Our two companies have a long history of cooperation and mutual respect,” said Jim Farley, Ford Executive Vice President and President of Global Markets.

Dr Pawan Goenka, Managing Director, Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd. shared a similar sentiment,

Ford motors and Mahindra“The changes facing the automotive industry globally are triggered by the accelerated rise of new technologies, sustainability policies and new models of urban shared mobility. Given these changes, we see the need to anticipate new market trends, explore alternatives and look for ways to collaborate even as we compete and build powerful synergies that will allow rapid exploitation of exciting new opportunities.”
However, this is not the first time that the two companies have crossed paths.

Ford’s first step in India was in 1926.  But the company’s maiden Indian venture ended in 1954. However, it re-entered the Indian market in 1995 as Mahindra Ford India Private Limited. And that’s where its story of having the second largest employee base in India took off!

History draws a full circle around this partnership, and reassures us of their journey together making far-reaching effects in addressing global challenges.

What kind of lasting impact do you think the combined forces will make on the global automotive industry?

Srikanth Kidambi TUV300

Anand Mahindra gifts Srikanth Kidambi a Mahindra TUV300!

Anand Mahindra gifts Shrikant a TUV300

It is a moment of pride for India as Srikanth Kidambi brings home the first ever Super Series Premier Men’s title. Hailing from an agriculture background, advancing to the badminton court was the tough decision he made. However, today when this son of a farmer brings the country witness an illustrious victory, the decision has indeed turned to be the finest!

Kidambi defeated the World and Olympic champion from China Chen Long for the very first time after six meets.

Mr Anand Mahindra, known for applauding sporting talent presented a Thar to the Indian Olympic champions – Sakshi Malik and P V Sindhu. And, while acknowledging this commendable feat by Kidambi, Mr Mahindra announced a gift, TUV300, to commemorate Kidambi’s win.

Shrikant Kidambi
Anand Mahindra is well-known for his active Twitter updates. When everyone else was busy watching cricket, Anand Mahindra tweeted the win of Kidambi, addressing him as the Steamroller!

He did not end on congratulating Kidambi via a tweet. But, went ahead by stating that this world champion deserved much more and so he decided to gift him the Mahindra’s battle tank – TUV 300! Now, this was a boom for Kidambi after a cash prize of Rs 5 lakhs from the Badminton Association of India

The TUV300 would be gifted to Kidambi by Mr Anand Mahindra personally. How fascinating is that? We believe that this battle tank will encourage the Steamroller to win many such appellations.




Women in Mahindra AFS

Breaking Stereotypes: Women in the Manufacturing Industry

Mahindra AFS Gender Diversity

With more women entering the manufacturing industry, it seems like it’s no longer going to be a male-dominated arena.

Careers today don’t come with gender labels. Jobs that were considered to be only for men are now witnessing the prodigious entry of women. Today, women are leaving a strong footprint in every industry they step into. Women are showing their capabilities as leaders, business makers, managers and as CEOs too and Mahindra AFS is already a step ahead in this journey!

Changing Perspectives

The notion of the manufacturing industry being male dominated is one of the biggest misconceptions in the industry. However, things started to change with Lina Poonawalla’s entry in the field. Lina became the first woman to join the shop floor in the year 1967. Ever since more and more women have entered the field.

An employee at Mahindra AFS – Brunell Fernandes loves the sound of the engines. Her curiosity to know what goes into the making has gotten her into the field. She is now engaged in making engines for a range of vehicles including Scorpio, Bolero, and XUV500.
“It’s been an amazing journey of 9 years with the Mahindra family. Not only this, I have also got an opportunity to pursue my Executive MBA through Mahindra at Welingkar where I was awarded as the ‘Best Student’.

I have represented Mahindra at the National Fire drill competitions & have been awarded multiple times ‘The Fire Woman of the Year. I have always been inspired to join Mahindra because of my dad and my brother. A Mahindra family that teaches me to Rise” says Brunell.

Women hesitated to join the field since it was perceived as a job that requires hard labour. However, that has been replaced with advanced automation and technological provisions.

Women have started to bring their expertise and competitiveness in the international market. Recognising the efficacy of women, the auto industry has practically doubled the number of female employees!

Mahindra AFS Brunell Fernandes

Increasing Participation

For Mahindra AFS, gender diversity in automotive manufacturing on the shop floor is a must. There is a policy that at least 33% of employees hired should be women. This was a challenge and a risk at the same time for the company. However, the company accepted the challenge and consistently hired competent women employees.

Today, there is a total of 150 women at Mahindra working on the shop floor. More than 60 regular women supervisors are employed in areas like production, plant engineering, quality, maintenance, and supply chain. The managers believe that women possess high focus and determination to display their skills.

“Step by step, we are consciously trying to increase the first line of women engineers or supervisors on the shop floor to over 100 by October,” pointed out Vijay Nair, Vice-President, Employee Relations and Administration, Mahindra AFS.

Currently, out of 20 Employee Relations Officer, 8 of them are women. The provisions for women employees have played a significant role in increasing the participation.

Mahindra AFS is euphoric with the results that the involvement of women employee has brought to the business!

Is your organisation breaking gender stereotypes too?

Mahindra AFS Prem Mishra

Thriving in a Dynamic Environment

Mahindra AFS Prem Mishra

Opportunities and dynamic challenges coming our way leave no room for monotony at Mahindra.

Nurturing Possibilities

Mahindra has given a voice to some of the most far-fetched aspirations I had during college. The constant drive to innovate found support in initiatives like ‘100 Patents’, and today I am proud to have acquired my first patent registration. Also, I am in the process of applying for two more registrations.

This constant search for innovation doesn’t let monotony creep into work. Two years at Mahindra, and I have never been through a moment of boredom. We have regular contests to hone our professional skills. I won the competition- ‘Kaun Banega Management Guru’ Season 02 and received the trophy by Dr. Pawan Goenka. Similarly, I got a chance to participate in ‘Kaun Banega Engineering King (KBEK)’ and stood as the winner of KBEK Edition 05. While these may seem small things in an everyday work environment, these little moments of joy is what makes working at Mahindra an exceptional experience!

Also, I got an opportunity to continue my auto passion from college to corporate by participating in BAJA, an automobile competition organised by Mahindra. We are encouraged to grab each opportunity to learn and realise our passions.

Mahindra AFS Prem Mishra

Empathetic Environment

An empathetic environment fuels your work where support from senior management is instrumental. With a culture that blends discipline and affinity, work is fun. A senior, who could be reasonably called uncompromising when it comes to reviews and meetings, is pleasant to interpersonal connections.

Every difficulty that we face is looked upon with a personalised approach. The management’s openness to suggestions while seeking assistance is what encourages communication among employees.

Monthly events and team celebrations, such as birthdays, Spot Recognition, Team Building games, are some of the other dynamic events that perk up the environment at R&D Nashik.

Mahindra AFS Prem Mishra

Welcoming Families

Mahindra is synonymous with Trust; it not only values their employees as a family but also recognises an employee’s family in its ambit. On 2nd October, every year, we celebrate the Founders’ Day at Mahindra. Manifestations of this day range from CSR activities to Technological Exhibition. Our families are invited on that day and familiarised with the work culture.

In a nutshell, Mahindra shapes an environment that radiates passion at work and prospers knowledge in abundance, which in no doubt results into the Best Place to Work.

What are you passionate about at work?

Flexibility_Women Empowerment

Where Balance Restores Flexibility


The trust Mahindra has placed in me with every project is keeping me going so passionately all these years!

I joined Mahindra in May 2010 and I’m currently working as a Senior Program Manager in Powertrain division at the Mahindra Research Valley. In these seven years, I have successfully been able to balance my job, my family, and my career growth in order. Mahindra has numerous policies which helped me to balance my professional and personal life. Let’s take a look at some of them!

Empowering Women

Mahindra’s initiatives define women empowerment for me. The maternity policy, for example, has helped me nurture my baby and my work without any compromises.

The maternity period was not easy as there was a slew of complications and health issues that followed. The OHC, which is the Occupational Health Centre, not only helped me with medication but also provided enough time to rest within the company premises. Every co-employee ensured I could work comfortably!

Flexible Work Hours

Flexibility_Women Empowerment

There were times when I couldn’t make it to office, and not a day has gone by when I felt cast aside from work. After my delivery, I had to take four months off to look after my child’s health alongside maintaining my own.

During this period, it was not possible for me to travel. I needed flexible working hours, and when enquired, the company expressed its openness towards a work-from-home arrangement. They supported my will, not to take a career break, even though I underwent a major life event.

It is through their effort I could manage this stage of my life without any hiccups. It didn’t seem as though I returned from a break; I was back and picked up from where I left. I am now a proud mother to a three-year-old daughter!

Conquering Educational Aspirations

After setting my professional and personal priorities right, there was my educational dream I wanted to pursue. I wanted to study further and get an Executive MBA degree. If it were for some other company, the idea of a working mother trying to take up studies would have seemed a long shot. But Mahindra not only supported my educational dreams but also provided financial help. I am currently pursuing my Executive General in MBA from IIM-B. I travel to Bengaluru to attend college every weekend and once in every three months one full week sessions. The company voluntarily lets me take that week off.

Being Trusted

There are some moments in my life which will always keep me firmly rooted in this company, no matter where I am! I am now at the Lead Program Manager and at project handling level, and it’s only because of the trust this organisation has instilled in me in all these years that I’ve made it this far.


An Empowered Mother

Great Place to Work

Mahindra AFS ranks 25th in Great Place to Work Asia 2017

Mahindra_Great Place To Work _banner

The Great Place to Work® Institute recognised Mahindra AFS as the 25th best large workplace in Asia for 2017. Great Place to Work®(GPTW) Institute is the global authority on high-performance, high-trust workplace cultures. The study extended over 1,431 organisations across Asia. 2017 lines up with 2016 marking Mahindra’s place on the list in the second consecutive year.

The ranking is primarily driven by GPTW surveys conducted across organisations. They evaluate workplace excellence and people management practices based on its proprietary assessment tools. These tools measure the culture of trust through five dimensions: Credibility, Respect, Fairness, Pride, and Camaraderie. Mahindra AFS experienced increase in scores across all the five dimensions, with Pride and Credibility being consistent strengths.

Great Place to Work

Dr Pawan Goenka, Managing Director, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. said, “I am delighted to know that we are ranked 25th in Asia in the benchmarking study for Great Place to Work. I dedicate this recognition to our employees as a collective achievement. Our aspiration to grow globally requires us to keep an eye on trends in the future of workplaces and participation in such studies helps us improve and innovate continuously on our People Practices. I do believe that it’s the people who are our most valued asset and it’s only through them that we will realise our vision.”

A high-trust workplace is the defining characteristic of the GPTW study. The leading force that attracts and retains talent, nurtures and improves performance, fosters innovation and creates a sustainable business. GPTW study benchmarks the expertise required to create, sustain, and recognise exceptional workplace cultures.

Great Place to WorkRajeshwar Tripathi, Chief People Officer, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., said, “Trust, Empowerment and Care for our people are at the core of our people policies at Mahindra. This helps us drive strong employee engagement and fosters a culture of outperformance. We are happy to be recognised amongst Asia’s Top 25 Best Workplaces, the second time in a row. Going forward, we are conscious of the increasing challenges of attracting and retaining the right talent and are proactively working towards the same. Talent mobility both ways is fast defying the boundaries of the specific industry we operate in. In this context, benchmarking studies like Great Place to Work study provide us with an excellent lens to get an outside perspective on where we stand on our people practices, which, in turn, help us stay relevant and a step ahead of others.”

A company becomes a great place to work when its employees believe in the purpose of the organization and work towards achieving it.

How does your workplace nurture you?