Women in Mahindra AFS

Breaking Stereotypes: Women in the Manufacturing Industry

Mahindra AFS Gender Diversity

With more women entering the manufacturing industry, it seems like it’s no longer going to be a male-dominated arena.

Careers today don’t come with gender labels. Jobs that were considered to be only for men are now witnessing the prodigious entry of women. Today, women are leaving a strong footprint in every industry they step into. Women are showing their capabilities as leaders, business makers, managers and as CEOs too and Mahindra AFS is already a step ahead in this journey!

Changing Perspectives

The notion of the manufacturing industry being male dominated is one of the biggest misconceptions in the industry. However, things started to change with Lina Poonawalla’s entry in the field. Lina became the first woman to join the shop floor in the year 1967. Ever since more and more women have entered the field.

An employee at Mahindra AFS – Brunell Fernandes loves the sound of the engines. Her curiosity to know what goes into the making has gotten her into the field. She is now engaged in making engines for a range of vehicles including Scorpio, Bolero, and XUV500.
“It’s been an amazing journey of 9 years with the Mahindra family. Not only this, I have also got an opportunity to pursue my Executive MBA through Mahindra at Welingkar where I was awarded as the ‘Best Student’.

I have represented Mahindra at the National Fire drill competitions & have been awarded multiple times ‘The Fire Woman of the Year. I have always been inspired to join Mahindra because of my dad and my brother. A Mahindra family that teaches me to Rise” says Brunell.

Women hesitated to join the field since it was perceived as a job that requires hard labour. However, that has been replaced with advanced automation and technological provisions.

Women have started to bring their expertise and competitiveness in the international market. Recognising the efficacy of women, the auto industry has practically doubled the number of female employees!

Mahindra AFS Brunell Fernandes

Increasing Participation

For Mahindra AFS, gender diversity in automotive manufacturing on the shop floor is a must. There is a policy that at least 33% of employees hired should be women. This was a challenge and a risk at the same time for the company. However, the company accepted the challenge and consistently hired competent women employees.

Today, there is a total of 150 women at Mahindra working on the shop floor. More than 60 regular women supervisors are employed in areas like production, plant engineering, quality, maintenance, and supply chain. The managers believe that women possess high focus and determination to display their skills.

“Step by step, we are consciously trying to increase the first line of women engineers or supervisors on the shop floor to over 100 by October,” pointed out Vijay Nair, Vice-President, Employee Relations and Administration, Mahindra AFS.

Currently, out of 20 Employee Relations Officer, 8 of them are women. The provisions for women employees have played a significant role in increasing the participation.

Mahindra AFS is euphoric with the results that the involvement of women employee has brought to the business!

Is your organisation breaking gender stereotypes too?

Mahindra AFS Prem Mishra

Thriving in a Dynamic Environment

Mahindra AFS Prem Mishra

Opportunities and dynamic challenges coming our way leave no room for monotony at Mahindra.

Nurturing Possibilities

Mahindra has given a voice to some of the most far-fetched aspirations I had during college. The constant drive to innovate found support in initiatives like ‘100 Patents’, and today I am proud to have acquired my first patent registration. Also, I am in the process of applying for two more registrations.

This constant search for innovation doesn’t let monotony creep into work. Two years at Mahindra, and I have never been through a moment of boredom. We have regular contests to hone our professional skills. I won the competition- ‘Kaun Banega Management Guru’ Season 02 and received the trophy by Dr. Pawan Goenka. Similarly, I got a chance to participate in ‘Kaun Banega Engineering King (KBEK)’ and stood as the winner of KBEK Edition 05. While these may seem small things in an everyday work environment, these little moments of joy is what makes working at Mahindra an exceptional experience!

Also, I got an opportunity to continue my auto passion from college to corporate by participating in BAJA, an automobile competition organised by Mahindra. We are encouraged to grab each opportunity to learn and realise our passions.

Mahindra AFS Prem Mishra

Empathetic Environment

An empathetic environment fuels your work where support from senior management is instrumental. With a culture that blends discipline and affinity, work is fun. A senior, who could be reasonably called uncompromising when it comes to reviews and meetings, is pleasant to interpersonal connections.

Every difficulty that we face is looked upon with a personalised approach. The management’s openness to suggestions while seeking assistance is what encourages communication among employees.

Monthly events and team celebrations, such as birthdays, Spot Recognition, Team Building games, are some of the other dynamic events that perk up the environment at R&D Nashik.

Mahindra AFS Prem Mishra

Welcoming Families

Mahindra is synonymous with Trust; it not only values their employees as a family but also recognises an employee’s family in its ambit. On 2nd October, every year, we celebrate the Founders’ Day at Mahindra. Manifestations of this day range from CSR activities to Technological Exhibition. Our families are invited on that day and familiarised with the work culture.

In a nutshell, Mahindra shapes an environment that radiates passion at work and prospers knowledge in abundance, which in no doubt results into the Best Place to Work.

What are you passionate about at work?

Flexibility_Women Empowerment

Where Balance Restores Flexibility


The trust Mahindra has placed in me with every project is keeping me going so passionately all these years!

I joined Mahindra in May 2010 and I’m currently working as a Senior Program Manager in Powertrain division at the Mahindra Research Valley. In these seven years, I have successfully been able to balance my job, my family, and my career growth in order. Mahindra has numerous policies which helped me to balance my professional and personal life. Let’s take a look at some of them!

Empowering Women

Mahindra’s initiatives define women empowerment for me. The maternity policy, for example, has helped me nurture my baby and my work without any compromises.

The maternity period was not easy as there was a slew of complications and health issues that followed. The OHC, which is the Occupational Health Centre, not only helped me with medication but also provided enough time to rest within the company premises. Every co-employee ensured I could work comfortably!

Flexible Work Hours

Flexibility_Women Empowerment

There were times when I couldn’t make it to office, and not a day has gone by when I felt cast aside from work. After my delivery, I had to take four months off to look after my child’s health alongside maintaining my own.

During this period, it was not possible for me to travel. I needed flexible working hours, and when enquired, the company expressed its openness towards a work-from-home arrangement. They supported my will, not to take a career break, even though I underwent a major life event.

It is through their effort I could manage this stage of my life without any hiccups. It didn’t seem as though I returned from a break; I was back and picked up from where I left. I am now a proud mother to a three-year-old daughter!

Conquering Educational Aspirations

After setting my professional and personal priorities right, there was my educational dream I wanted to pursue. I wanted to study further and get an Executive MBA degree. If it were for some other company, the idea of a working mother trying to take up studies would have seemed a long shot. But Mahindra not only supported my educational dreams but also provided financial help. I am currently pursuing my Executive General in MBA from IIM-B. I travel to Bengaluru to attend college every weekend and once in every three months one full week sessions. The company voluntarily lets me take that week off.

Being Trusted

There are some moments in my life which will always keep me firmly rooted in this company, no matter where I am! I am now at the Lead Program Manager and at project handling level, and it’s only because of the trust this organisation has instilled in me in all these years that I’ve made it this far.


An Empowered Mother

Great Place to Work

Mahindra AFS ranks 25th in Great Place to Work Asia 2017

Mahindra_Great Place To Work _banner

The Great Place to Work® Institute recognised Mahindra AFS as the 25th best large workplace in Asia for 2017. Great Place to Work®(GPTW) Institute is the global authority on high-performance, high-trust workplace cultures. The study extended over 1,431 organisations across Asia. 2017 lines up with 2016 marking Mahindra’s place on the list in the second consecutive year.

The ranking is primarily driven by GPTW surveys conducted across organisations. They evaluate workplace excellence and people management practices based on its proprietary assessment tools. These tools measure the culture of trust through five dimensions: Credibility, Respect, Fairness, Pride, and Camaraderie. Mahindra AFS experienced increase in scores across all the five dimensions, with Pride and Credibility being consistent strengths.

Great Place to Work

Dr Pawan Goenka, Managing Director, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. said, “I am delighted to know that we are ranked 25th in Asia in the benchmarking study for Great Place to Work. I dedicate this recognition to our employees as a collective achievement. Our aspiration to grow globally requires us to keep an eye on trends in the future of workplaces and participation in such studies helps us improve and innovate continuously on our People Practices. I do believe that it’s the people who are our most valued asset and it’s only through them that we will realise our vision.”

A high-trust workplace is the defining characteristic of the GPTW study. The leading force that attracts and retains talent, nurtures and improves performance, fosters innovation and creates a sustainable business. GPTW study benchmarks the expertise required to create, sustain, and recognise exceptional workplace cultures.

Great Place to WorkRajeshwar Tripathi, Chief People Officer, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., said, “Trust, Empowerment and Care for our people are at the core of our people policies at Mahindra. This helps us drive strong employee engagement and fosters a culture of outperformance. We are happy to be recognised amongst Asia’s Top 25 Best Workplaces, the second time in a row. Going forward, we are conscious of the increasing challenges of attracting and retaining the right talent and are proactively working towards the same. Talent mobility both ways is fast defying the boundaries of the specific industry we operate in. In this context, benchmarking studies like Great Place to Work study provide us with an excellent lens to get an outside perspective on where we stand on our people practices, which, in turn, help us stay relevant and a step ahead of others.”

A company becomes a great place to work when its employees believe in the purpose of the organization and work towards achieving it.

How does your workplace nurture you?


Pravin Lakhe Mahindra AFS

Why Learning Is Immortal at Mahindra AFS

Pravin Lakhe Mahindra AFS

My 10 years at Mahindra have been brimming with learning experiences. It has helped me fortify the organisation’s standing in the industry.

Living the Dream

I first saw the Mahindra Scorpio when I had graduated. Highly impressed by its design, I felt it was one of the first cars that held power to compete with globally renowned cars.

A sense of envy rushed through me as I greatly wanted to play an architect to building this powerful machine. Thus, when I joined in 2006, it was my dream reincarnating a physical reality.

So far, I have played a part in developing several editions of the Scorpio. It has been nothing less of a proud moment’s ecstasy of gathering important feats under your belt.

Projects Etched in Memory

We always cherish some projects. The Scorpio export project takes the top slot.

The nature in which it had to be conducted was especially daunting. The cars were required to be exported to Brazil, via sea. However, we had a ready stance to head to the seas!

We wrapped it up within two and a half months. The fear of rust grappling the Scorpios was looming us. With several companies providing rust warranty, we couldn’t afford to fall behind in this competency.

We decided to undertake coated sheet spot integrity to reduce our odds. As a team leader, I took strong decisions. We achieved coated sheet spot integrity by increasing coated sheet integrity from 92% to 98%.

This stupendous feat wouldn’t have been possible without support from peers and management!

 A Strong PillarPravin Lakhe Mahindra AFS

Work-life balance is one of Mahindra’s utmost priorities, and they make every effort to maintain it. Mahindra’s affordable ‘Happy Holiday Homes’ are a real treat that has served several of our family trips.

Such trips have enabled me to spend quality time with family, which otherwise could have been sidelined due to work.

Another aspect of Mahindra I cherish is its outbound training expeditions. We take off for 3 days to a relatively isolated location. There, we undergo numerous physical and mental activities that help us learn varied aspects about tasks and build us in achieving our future goals!

These activities breed harmony in the team.

The Road So Far

When I first joined Mahindra in 2006, I was overwhelmed by the extensive audit procedures conducted here. The heaps of documents and processes used to tense me up early on.

However, I understood audit processes, learnt new and different concepts. Systems like Mahindra Quality System helped me gain different perspectives about audits.

With each passing day, I am learning and growing as an organisation.

How does your organisation enable constant learning?

Mahindra AFS Tauseef Alam

Explore, Experiment, Evolve at Mahindra AFS

Mahindra AFS Tauseef Alam

You are invariably changing through innovations and challenges. Such has been the learning curve for me at Mahindra.

Beginning as a GET, I have risen to every challenge, and Mahindra has fueled my aspirations to be an ‘Innovator’ over each challenging phase.

Reciprocating Growth

Entering a new work environment was overwhelming. Functioning on a workshop floor straight out from a campus turf was gruelling, but my willingness to learn coupled with my team’s support eased the process. All challenges led me to uphold a key learning: Hard work can simplify the most difficult of tasks.

Mahindra AFS Tauseef AlamCountering Obstacles

A plausible language barrier prevented me from communicating effectively with my associates. As time progressed, I was able to connect with my team and build relations. I learned that people are willing to compromise when they share strong relationships.

The team worked on challenging situations which enabled group harmony. Changes and challenges that come our way can be overcome with ease when the benefits they bring in are conveyed to the team. Mahindra does an effective job in communicating these benefits. Rising above personal pressures is where I have accessed a broader understanding towards team productivity.

Mahindra AFS Tauseef AlamAspirational Atmosphere

While motivation helps strike challenges, I believe it should be a constant endeavour and not a one-off affair. I make an effort to appreciate my team when they throw new ideas on the table. Recognition motivates and encourages people to go the extra mile. Collectively, we have defied traditional work cultures to explore sustainable innovations and discovered agile methods to improve the time-cost efficiency of tasks.

Mahindra’s Assistive Policies

When it comes to realising employee dreams, Mahindra leads the herd. Mahindra’s Higher Education Policy assists you in educating yourself alongside work. Higher education is essential as it helps you stand up to external challenges. It’s befitting when you are spreading knowledge while inculcating it within yourself.

It has been a cathartic working experience at Mahindra. The open culture is what inspires most of us to reinvent ourselves.

What inspires you?

Mahindra AFS Niharika Kapoo

Leading Compelling Communication

Mahindra AFS Niharika Kapoor

Driving digital communication resembles my next big move. I envision MRV embracing the social media landscape with minimum dependence on checking emails now and then.

A day at work is a day well spent. That’s how I have lived my five months here. My work is what makes me want to seize the day.

Freedom at Work

At Mahindra AFS, we enjoy the freedom to materialize new ideas and initiatives. The company liberalizes you to try different ideologies. Teams readily extend help when there’s an organisation-wide communication event staged.

From the Senior Vice President to executives, people across the ranks make Mahindra AFS a great workplace!

Communication Aimed at ProductivityNiharika Kapoor

My role is to enhance the level of communication at MRV. Most employees stay confined in their cubicles with little room for interaction. When one is constantly engaged in work for three hours straight but takes 15 minutes of pure pleasure to indulge in, they’re likelier to display better productivity. I have activities planned to regulate the stagnant moods of employees to build engagement. We have now managed to get 500 employees onboard for these activities.

This initiative saw the daylight with the support and participation of the people at Mahindra. It has helped me unearth newer aspects of communication whereby digitizing the entire communication is the goal. I am confident it will be encouraged right to the far ends of success in the coming years.

Friday Mantra

Driving digitalization enables sharing experiences. I started an activity called Friday Mantra at MRV. As our location is a little outside the city, we’ve abundant outdoor activities bringing together everyone to contribute their share. It is a platform where we post activities that people can indulge in over the weekend. The initial response was static; however, it has gained momentum. Today people stir conversations about events they’d love to attend. It’s resonating across the hierarchy.

Niharika Kapoor Mahindra AFSM-Fit is another facility to enhance overall fitness and well-being across the organisation. There are excellent crèche facilities for the children of employees. So, I get to greet many happy mothers around. You feel cared for when the company assures your priorities are set in order.

Pathway Ahead

The way work is progressing, I am certain about ascending the career ladder smoothly. I aspire for MRV to go all social and increase interpersonal interactions. I want anyone who comes to MRV to find their best friends at MRV.

Is your work-life looking up at your wellness?


Shyam Somani Mahindra AFS

Growing and Learning at Mahindra AFS

Mahindra AFS Shyam Somani

A world full of growth prospects with ample freedom to experiment – this is what you should expect when you join Mahindra.

When I heard of Mahindra coming for campus recruitment, it invoked an overjoyed drive in me to work! With excitement and a tad apprehension about starting out in the corporate world, I set foot at Mahindra’s Nashik plant. I was awestruck by the plant’s grandiosity and spellbound by the synergy of the plant’s functions.

It was the perfect example of efficiency paired with precision. And what was even better—I was a part of it!

An Unconventional Beginning

Like everyone else in my college, I joined Mahindra as a Graduate Engineering Trainee (GET). I started my training at Nasik Plant. On joining, I was expecting a set of instructions about how to proceed with work. Instead, we were asked to give suggestions as to how Mahindra can improve. That moment revealed a realization to me that my experience here is going to be unconventional. Mahindra generously allows an employee liberty of work, something that any college graduate yearns for!

Emphasis on Learning

I started fresh and gradually transformed into a professional. Mahindra places immense focus on learning. The Mahindra Technical Academy (MTA) is dedicated to this purpose. Before joining the R&D department, we underwent extensive training that helped us while working on the actual process.

The words of the erstwhile Dean at MTA, Mr. Nitin Ranade, still ring true for me, “You have to cover four years of product development cycle in four months.” The training was instrumental in turning amateurs from college to passionate professionals. In fact, I got a chance to work on a live project from day one of the training. The deadline was set, and we were given a chance to lead without any barriers to experimentation.

 Shyam Somani Mahindra AFS

Incredible Support

As we progressed, we were given a lot a responsibility along with support from our superiors. At Mahindra, the top management is always ready to help.

As Mahindra has an established presence since a long time, the common notion assumes it employs formulaic methods of leadership. But it’s quite the contrary! Young leaders are encouraged to share their ideas and vision with senior leaders.

This is the formula to an environment that is conducive to progress. A constant learning curve arises with the perfect combination of flexibility and assistance provided by our leaders.

Ease at Work

The effort that Mahindra puts in to make work easy and fun is incredible. There is a dedicated EVP zone for employees. We have options to choose our timings, and our suggestions to change the way things work are more than appreciated. There is a chance to explore and experiment without any departmental barriers impeding our attempts.

Volunteering opportunity on Sundays at MRV has been a very valuable experience in my journey at Mahindra. Every Sunday sees kids from nearby village assemble at MRV to learn Spoken English from the employees under the aegis of ESOPs (Employee Social Options). The quality time spent with the kids on the weekends fills us with limitless energy and gives us the satisfaction of leaving a positive mark in the society.

With a mammoth R&D Division, the countless opportunities to learn have made my journey at Mahindra tremendously rewarding!

Vishal Ahuja Mahindra AFS

Liberty To Extend Your Horizons

Mahindra AFS

Innovation results from freedom and Mahindra gives you ample freedom to spread your wings and explore new possibilities.

All it took was one step into the mesmerizing Mahindra World City, for me to transform from a fresh graduate wary about moving to Chennai, to a young individual beaming with curiosity and willingness to learn. My association with Mahindra renders me immense pride where memories of joining Mahindra are still fresh.

Learning Institution

My Mahindra journey began with training at MTA. The training has imparted values and knowledge that shaped me as a professional. Apart from training us on the technicalities of our jobs, training at Mahindra gave us freedom to explore new avenues. The whole period resembled college days and a swift transformation from college to corporate.

In addition to MTA, Mahindra ran a one month shop floor training at Igatpuri. Learning is not confined to training periods; it happens continuously at Mahindra AFS. On joining Vehicle Energy Management department in MRV, I made a mistake during the testing process. It made me panic, but my Manager Mr. Gopakishore & HOD Mr. Parvez Khan were quite calm about the situation. I was told that making mistakes is alright, as long as you draw an insightful learning from it.

From technical training to learning from mistakes, Mahindra has taught me a lot.

Mahindra AFS

Exploring New Domains

Initially, I was assigned two roles: Vehicle Energy Management and Thermal Systems. Vehicle Energy Management was an unexplored territory for me as well as the organisation. Being unfamiliar with the profile, I was given complete freedom to explore vehicular components and interact with different departments. While working on a new domain, I had the option to venture in multiple directions of simulations and testing.

New roles brought in challenges, but instead of keeping us down, it only compelled us to grow beyond our limits.

Challenges Motivate Us

Each day at Mahindra kicks up new challenges. These challenges motivate us. I stepped into Mahindra, brimming with ideas and curiosity; I got the freedom that I always desired. This culture of liberty fills me with enthusiasm to work every day. Also, words of appreciation have always kept me on my toes.

While working in different areas, I met a supplier who started with a tea stall, and driven by the thirst for knowledge, he climbed the ladder and made it big. Such encounters give us confidence and drive to excel.

As I move ahead, I wish to gain exceptional technological soundness and become everyone’s go-to person in the work I do.

How is work rewarding for you?

Mahindra & Mahindra

M&M Acclaimed among World’s Most Powerful Auto Brands

Mahindra & Mahindra


A leading brand valuation and Strategy Consultancy firm, Brand Finance, has listed world’s most powerful auto brands. Italian car manufacturer Ferrari emerged as the world’s most powerful automotive brand. Mahindra & Mahindra made its mark on the list by moving nine places higher, from the 54th position in 2016 to 45th position in 2017.

Other brands featured on the list include Porsche, Volkswagen, BMW, Renault, Ford, Toyota, Rolls-Royce and Lamborghini. Indian automakers like Hero Motocorp, Tata Motors and Maruti Suzuki also took a mention in the list.

The primary step in the evaluation of the brands is the Brand Strength Index, which is based on its financial performance and sustainability. The second step is the calculation of Brand Specific Revenue. Other attributes considered while evaluating brand performance were marketing investment, brand familiarity, staff satisfaction, and corporate reputation.

As per Brand Finance’s evaluation, Mahindra & Mahindra’s brand value has increased by 31%, from US$ 1.58 billion last year to US$ 2.07 billion in 2017. The journey that commenced with steel manufacturing in the year 1945 has elevated to being India’s largest tractor and SUV manufacturer. The conglomerate has its presence felt in clean energy, defense, aerospace, agribusiness, information technology, finance, and insurance.

Ranked among Forbes Global 2000 most powerful companies, Mahindra employs over 200,000 people in 100 countries all over the world.  The company is also the first and only international tractor manufacturer to receive the Deming Prize and the Japan Quality Medal: the most prestigious awards for Quality Control.

What do you think makes Mahindra one of the best automakers?